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18 Easton Bats Moved To Non-Approved List

By RC Courtright, 01/23/16, 5:30PM CST


Announcement from ASA/USA Softball on January 22, 2016: "The  Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)/USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, in working with Easton Baseball/Softball Inc. (Easton), announced today that Easton is voluntarily removing the following softball bat models from the ASA/USA list of certified bats: SCN1, SCN11BH, SCN1B, SCN2B, SCN3, SCN4B, SCN5, SCN5B, SCN6B, SCN7, SCN7B, SCN8, SCN8B, SCN9, SCX14, SCX14B, SCX24B, AND SCX3."

A picture list of these bats will be made available as soon as one is available and distributed online as well as directly to local associations and our Deputy UICs. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the players and managers to ensure that any non-approved bats are not used in sanctioned play. The penalty for the use of a non-approved or altered bat can be as severe as a 5-year suspension.