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National Rule, Code, & Procedure Changes For 2017

By RC Courtright, 12/11/16, 7:00PM CST


Six days of meetings and discussions during the National Council Meeting completed the process of enacting a variety of rule, code, and procedure changes that will be implemented nationally in the 2017 season.

Among he rule changes, the depth of the catcher's box in fast pitch play has been lengthened by 3 feet, the characteristics of molded softballs that may be used in men's and women's slow pitch were defined, and additional information was introduced in regards to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Code changes include a designation as to whom is responsible for conducting bat testing at national tournaments and the prohibition of weapons on the playing field or in the dugouts. Changes to the Procedural Manual largely revolve around alterations due to the reduction of the number of regions from 15 to 10 as well as requirements dictating those eligible for nomination for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.