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Monsta Tournament Series

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Tournament Series Rules

Event Schedule: The tournament series schedule is available on this page. Any changes to the schedule will be updated, as they occur, on the website. We will attempt to post results for each tournament and updated standings on the website by Friday following each completed event.

Rosters/Player/Team Classification/Pick-up Players: Teams will play in their USA Softball of North Dakota classifications wherever possible. Teams that play down in classification for any reason will not receive points from that tournament. Teams/players should check their classification on the Adult Program/Classification section of the USA Softball of North Dakota website prior to entering each tournament. Tournament sites will use the official USA Softball of North Dakota roster form. The tournament series tournaments will follow the USA Softball of North Dakota pick-up player rules.

Points: Points for each tournament will be awarded according to the chart listed in the printable rules. The points awarded will be based on the total number of teams entered in the tournament regardless of whether classes are combined.

Series tournaments which are canceled for any reason may be rescheduled only with the approval of the Series committee. Teams will be awarded 60 points for a paid entry into a Series tournament that has been cancelled unless they participate in another Series tournament on the same weekend or in the rescheduled tournament, if applicable.

Mid-Season classification changes – A team earns points at whatever classification the team is at the time of the tournament. Therefore, if a team is reclassified midseason, the points they earn prior to that will remain at their initial classification, but no more points will be added. Points earned after reclassification will go towards the team’s new classification.

To be eligible for the end of season Series Prizes, a team must compete in a minimum of three Tournament Series events and also participating in their respective State Tournament.

If a team participates in more than one state tournament, they will receive points for each tournament. NOTE: This is a rule change for 2018.

Series award prize packages will be designated for each place in each classification. A list of prize options and values of those items will be determined by the Slow Pitch Series Committee and will be posted on the website before the beginning of each season. The prizes are funded from $20.00 from each team’s entry fee at each tournament. These packages will include Monsta products, not limited to bats, uniforms, gloves, batting gloves, bags and other apparel.

State Tournament Rainout Policy: In any state tournament where there is a full rainout, all teams with paid entries will be awarded 60 points and will, therefore, have met the minimum requirement of having participated in a state tournament. NOTE: If the tournament in a team’s classification is canceled, but that team chooses to challenge up to play in a higher classified state tournament, they will still be given the full amount of points they earn in that event.

If there is a partial rainout, points will be awarded as normal based upon a team’s final placement, even if that placement was determined by coin flip or card draw. If there is no coin flip or card draw to determine the outcome of some games in the tournament, then the remaining points in that part of the bracket will be shared equally amongst all of the remaining teams in that part of the bracket. (For example, if there are 4 teams still playing in a Roughrider bracket at the time that games are canceled, those 4 teams will each receive an equal share of the total points remaining to be awarded in the Roughrider bracket.)

Tiebreakers: The first tiebreaker applied to the final standings will be most Series events played. If still tied, the team with the highest state tournament finish will be awarded the tiebreaker.

The Tournament Series Committee has the right to change or adjust any rules to benefit the Series.